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Hospitality Design and Purchasing Consultants, Inc. offers our clients a single-source provider to turn to for all of their hospitality project needs. Our team can lead a project from the earliest stages of development through to the final installation phase. Throughout the design, purchasing and installation process, we continually support our clients and address their ever changing needs to the best of our abilities.


The design program addresses the client’s objectives, scope, guidelines, and priorities for the project.


The schematic design phase translates the needs and goals of the project development into graphic forms. Schematic floor plans will be drawn to establish the spatial elements of the program. Conceptual design for color and furnishings will be presented through color boards, illustrations, and sample finishes. A preliminary budget will be prepared for client approval, based on the elements presented.


The approved schematic design concepts are documented to fix and describe the size and character of each space and the furnishings and finishes that are included. A line item budget will be prepared and presented which reflects any additions or changes in this phase.


Hospitality Design and Purchasing Consultants, Inc. will issue purchase orders to all necessary vendors to implement the total purchasing of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We collaborate with the owner in coordinating the progress schedule. This will enable us to determine mutually acceptable dates and times for delivery, installation, and inspection of the work. HDP will provide complete computerized tracking of all merchandise throughout the purchasing phase. We will provide traffic management, as well as freight consolidation. This will ensure that merchandise flows in a prompt, timely, and cost efficient manner.