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Hospitality Design and Purchasing Consultants, Inc. will act as the owner’s representative during the performance of the work until the final installation is completed. We will advise and consult with the owner as needed. We will assist the owner in coordinating the schedules for delivery and installation of the work.
Hospitality Design and Purchasing Consultants, Inc. will visit the project premises, as is reasonably necessary, to monitor the progress and quality of the work. This will determine, in general, if the work is proceeding on schedule. On the basis of such observations, as your project manager, we will keep the owner informed of the progress and quality of the work. In addition, we will endeavor to protect the owner against defects and deficiencies.

HDP’s duties shall extend to the receipt, inspection, and acceptance, on the owner’s behalf, of furniture, furnishings, and equipment at the time of their delivery to the hotel premises.

We will review the final placement of all items and inspect for damage, quality, assembly, and function. This will ensure that all furniture, furnishings, and equipment are delivered and installed in accordance with the owner’s requirements. In addition, HDP will recommend to the owner rejection of work that does not conform to the contract documents specifications.


HDP will supervise and direct the installation phase of the project. We will be solely responsible for all shipments, deliveries, and installations. In addition, we will supervise all means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures and we will coordinate all portions of the work. Only the most professional and qualified crews will be used to execute the total installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment.